This policy covers contents of business premises against the risk of loss or damage by burglary and house breaking. The property that can be covered are Stock – in – trade; Goods -in- trust or on commission for which the insured is responsible; Fixtures, fittings and utensils in trade; Cash and currency notes secured in locked safe.

Covered Risks

Burglary or house breaking of property following upon buy cheap ativan felonious entry of the premises by violent means; Damage to the premises by the burglars.

Major Exclusions

Where any inmate or insured’s family members or business staff is involved; by larceny, Consequent upon fire and explosion. Loss of cash following use of key Earthquake and natural perils, riot, strike and civil commotion and war and nuclear risks.


  • Particulars of cover liability and exclusion given above are not complete or exhaustive.
  • Our nearest Branch Office may be approached for complete details.