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Acetylene (liquid)

Caustic Potash Turpentine Resin of all kinds Rubber solution Saw dust


Asphalt Lime(unstaked) Charcoal Shody

Chiorate of Potash

Aluminum Carbide dust powder or resinate

Celluloid and Xyloits and other similar substances Lubricant contaning mineral oil or other mineral products Acid of all kinds(except acetic Citric and Tra-taric) Waste of all kinds(excluding silk and gas ,waste) Tar and/or its liquid product (other than in bottles)
Matelic Potassium Chioates  of all kinds Matches of all kinds Neptha Sulphides


Gunny Bags(other than in fully pressed iron-bound Bales)

Pertroxide of Potash(potassium pertroxide) Oil seed cake(including cotton seed cake) Spirits of all kinds not in bottles Hessians other than in fully pressed iron bound bales Petroleum and its liquid product phosphorous

Bamboo Mate

Cinematograph Films Manganese Stearine Metallic of all kinds Sulphide of potash

Cocogem other than in tins or in bottles Codilla Coir varns , coir matting and coir rope Copra. copra cake and copra meal Cotton(whether in fully pressed bales or otherwise)

Calcium Cyanamide except when Packed in hermetically sealed drums and each consignment accompanied by the Manufactures certificate that the tims contain not more than 0.3 percent of Carbide.

Sulphar dyes or cyiours(excluding those packed in airtight metal vessels labelled with a certificate by the manufacturers that the dyes or colours contained 10 percent of inert inorganic salts

Bitumen(other than emulsified Bitument containing not less than 40 percent of water and packed in metal drums)

Oils of all kinds(other than vegetable oils in tins not exceeding 10 1b in weight and/or in bottles)

Ghee ( other than vegetable ghee in tins not exceeding 10 1b in weight and/or in bottles)

Benzoline Oil seed meal Glycerine Blacks of all kinds Calcium Carbide,


Bichromate of Potash

Fireworks of all kinds Nitrate of Potash Bertzine Bi-sulphide of Carbon Sulphate

Jute in fully pressed bales or otherwise

Fish guano and fish manure

Tallow(manufactured or unmanufactured

Paper, asphalted tarred and oiled

Grass mate other than in fully pressed bales

Wax of all kinds

Vegetable fibers of all kinds Grasses of all kinds and straw Permanganate of potash Camphine Varnish



Candles Pitch

N.B The above lists not necessarily comprehensive

A full list is available at the Company’s Office for inspection.